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Hello to everybody... these wurds reach you from a very happy indeed WarmNorm.... it was with great satisfaction and tremendous relief that, on Thursday the 5th of August, a day that goes down in BHASSEXPLORE history, approximately 30 or thirty one large builders bags filled with plastic trash and synthetic materials, left the remote coastline location beneath the majestic chalk cliffs of beachy head and were carried by the kind and generous souls onboard the Maritime Volunteer Services vessel, the East Sussex One, into Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne, whose harbour master agreed to accept this unusual cargo of securely bagged and netted waste materials that had been building up and laying around at this unique and beautiful, iconic location for over forty years...

How this came to happen is a long story involving many decades of modern societies dependence on synthetic materials and a throw away society... but that tale must wait for another day as l try to keep the thread whilst typing on my phone aboard the 12x bus on my way to Brighton for the day... my thumbs a little too large for the keyboard and the bus lurching a little as it makes it's way westward along such a stunning coastal route.... and so.. this removal of a tonne and a half of decaying human made garbage was permanently removed from the marine environment as the culmination of three months of incredible teamwork by the BHASSEXPLORE collective and cooperative... good people came and went as and when they could... by foot over tricky ground in warm conditions and when the tide permitted, to give their time skills and, most importantly.... their positive energies... freely to this project and all worked hard to collect, sort, bag, securely net and rope the rubbish for safe removal, and also document the process...

l thank you all for every thing each and every person brought to the table, so to speak... as there was no table there, nor chairs... no signal nor water..no money or shops.. just a timeless zone of peace and natures splendour exposed for all to see and enjoy... anyway.. you all know who you are ... so thank you from WarmNorm.. from BHASSEXPLORE, bhassexplore.com and finally..thank you from the environment... we have prevented this trash from ever returning to the seas and our work will last a thousand years or more... a very satisfying result...

So... phase one is successfully completed and now phase two is begun.... a smaller area, a shingle, crescent moon shaped beach directly opposite the lighthouse has approximately one tonne of the same materials that phase one dealt with and a start has been made to clear it all into large bags and taken to the site for processing and sorting and bagging as before and preparing this shameful harvest for removal by the same method as before... as we fine tune our operations and hope to achieve this before the storm season commences and pull of yet another amazing piece of environmentalism that for whatever reason, no other organisation or agency has been able to even consider doing.. allowing the detritus to gather for so long... a scurge that blights this majestically famous geological masterpiece of the British coast... BHASSEXPLORE vows to continue its three year project to remove at least 80% of the estimated 20 tonnes of synthetic materials.. and to prevent its ever building up again by establishing a safe as possible Extreme Plastic Objects Removal process for others to use in the future and to show just what good people with a focused effort and positive energy can achieve.... no matter how daunting and arduous the task seems...

Please consider helping further in any way you can... either physically or materially or with moral support and by spreading the bhassexplore.com website link far and wide to those who share our interests and concerns about the environment and this coastline.... and if you can... please consider donating to our ongoing operations fund via the website and go fund me options .. or if you have any good quality second hand or new protective clothing or boots you can spare for the volunteers to use as the weather deteriorates into autumn and the winter months... all will be greatly appreciated and fully by BHASSEXPLORE in its efforts to stem the flow of plastics along this coast... many thanks and if you find some full stops.... WarmNorm needs them too.... peace

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