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The iconic history of Beachy Head

The building of Beachy Head lighthouse

The light house at the foot of Beachy Head was built between 1900 and 1902 after the Admiralty decided the existing lighthouse on the cliff top was not effective during heavy fog or mist. Pieces of granite were cut and transported from Cornwall and lowered 500 feet down from the cliff top.
The light house is still operational although the team of three light house keepers were removed in 1983.

The rock was cut to shape into one and two tonne blocks in Cornwall before being numbered and transported by train to Eastbourne. From there the huge blocks were taken to the cliff edge and then carefully hoisted one by one by cable down to the building site that was 500ft away from the base of the chalk cliffs.

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Beachy Head from above 1920 - 1950

Amazing photos taken from the The Britain from Above website which features images from the Aerofilms collection, a unique aerial photographic archive of international importance.

They provide valuable evidence of the coastal erosion and ever changing state of Beach Head and Seven Sisters coast line. A rare glimpse at this beautiful location before plastics and synthetic materials began to wash up along its shores.

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