BHASSEXPLORE works hard to to minimise its carbon footprint and the rugged, rocky nature of the coastal landscape between Holywell and the Cuckmere estuary does not lend itself to vehicle use at all... all our efforts to clear the incredible amount of plastic debris from this stunning wild environment begin with a walk and litter pick via one of either two routes to cow gap...if the tide is on its way out or not due to reach its peak in the next two hours, the pebble beach route is accessible for an approximately two km meander picking litter along the way and enjoying all the seascapes and exposed base rocks and the low, chalk cliffs to our right.

This is a very rewarding walk and exploring activity in its own right and one we would recommend as a safer and more accessible introduction to the region. There are many points of interest along this somewhat gentler stretch of easterly facing coastline to discover upon the way to Cow Gap...


BHASSEXPLORE also utilises the alternative and incredibly beautiful footpath routes that all start from the beginning (or end) of the iconic South Downs Way at ....place location here.... and which offer at least half a dozen green and pleasant though varyingly steep or hilly footpath routes that lend themselves perfectly to a fascinating and scenic start to, or return from Cow Gap and an incredible, refreshing contrast to the coastal experience to be had below the chalk hills and towering cliffs below...

Most of BHASSEXPLORE's plastic objects removal activities take place in a terrain where no machinery is usable...its almost all manual effort and good old fashioned donkey work...fetching and carrying, scooping and bagging,  sorting and documenting,  scouring and cleaning the myriad of niche environments at the base of the cliffs  on the shingle beaches and in amongst the rock pools and jumbled jagged rock falls where plastic objects have been  accumulating and snagging for the past fifty years or more... lt is virtually impossible for BHASSEXPLORE to use any mechanical equipment or burn any fuel at all. It is all, quite literally a human powered endeavour aided by litter pickers, sharp knives, Tea23 teas water and energy foods...

BHASSEXPLORE recognises the fact that we all leave far too big a carbon footprint behind us as we lead our busy and possibly hectic lives and acknowledges that we are all part of this over consuming, plastic waste producing society and system.

BHASSEXPLORE would always promote less usage and reliance on disposable plastics, recycling of plastics, reuse and repurposing where possible and an imaginative and creative approach to all endeavour to reduce human reliance on all plastics and synthetics...

BHASSEXPLORE advocates a reduced reliance upon plastics and other synthetic materials of all kinds, be they disposable  products, fast fashions, a crazy kaleidoscope of packaging or practical applications of these materials that end up in our rivers, oceans and along our coasts.

BHASSEXPLORE views life as a series of many thousands of footsteps or footprints and if these could be plastic free if we choose to walk more carefully, more considerately, more environmentally and more in tune with our planet in our daily routines and choices we make...


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