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18th - 19th June - Summer of love for our planet! Coastal clearance of plastic materials weekend

Hello everybody! If you have a few hours to spare or a full day on either June the 18th and 19th.... please consider joining us at Cuckmere Haven for another Extreme Coastal Clearance Weekend with www.bhassexplore.com and the #greensockmovement ....

Cuckmere Haven is a jewel in the crown of Sussex's South Downs countryside and an important wildlife habitat..... especially for birds... yet it is covered in many small pieces of plastic that either wash onto the estuary from the river or get deposited high up on the shingle banks and beyond by the seas highest tides.... some we will be focusing on removing as many of these small pieces of plastic as possible over the weekend... it is painstaking work but enjoyable and so rewarding to take a 'bag for life' full of plastic trash permanently away from this beautiful place.... so come and join us along the meanders of this iconic river and mingle on the shingle banks and flood plains behind them and find a patch full of plastic and pick it all up! If we all work TOGETHER we can make a tremendous difference on this pre Summer Solstice weekend... the days will be long so we can get a lot done! This event is open to all who love this place and the environment and all the living things that we share all with.... it is part of a series of events from the www.bhassexplore.com Summer of Love for Our Planet initiative and our ongoing Extreme Coastal Clearance events so please visit our website or bhassexplore Facebook page to find out more about this remarkable environmental project.... in the past two years we have permanently removed 25 tonnes of plastic and synthetic materials from various difficult to clear sections of our incredible coastline.... so join us soon as there is so much more to do.... we can all work TOGETHER to leave our coastline a cleaner place... please share this message with any groups or individuals who may be interested in joining us at any time over the weekend.... thank you for reading this far!

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