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22nd May - Extreme Coastal Clearance Day - Holywell to Cow Gap

All are welcome to join us at anytime during this BHASSEXPLORE project #greensockmovement Extreme Coastal Clearance event that will be running from sunrise until sunset on Sunday the 22nd of May right here on our incredible coastline beneath the cliffs between Holywell and Cow Gap near Eastbourne.... it is an opportunity to show our magnificent coastline some love and to meet like minded people and to all work TOGETHER to remove as much plastic and synthetic material from this wild and untamable coastscape and important marine environment... right on our doorstep! We will be meeting at the Holywell end of the promenade prior to the 5.ooam sunrise! Yes... we start early and we finish late.... and after witnessing the beginning of another day... we will fan out along the coast towards Cow Gap and we will pick up as much plastic trash and synthetic materials as possible from this beautiful place... bagging it and carrying it off for permanent removal from the marine environment.... there is nearly always plenty to remove, both big an small, of these nasty harmful materials that should not be in a place we share with so many living creatures.... many hands make light work and as we walk and talk on the flint and chalk, we can experience the incredible early morning light as it plays on the water and glistening rocks.... the tide is going out all day from just before sunrise so we will be treated to the spectacular revealing of the tidal zone as we slowly and safely make our way the mile or so to Cow Gap and Falling Sands for a distant view of the lighthouse! From Falling Sands we shall return after a bite to eat and a cup of tea.... back along the coast towards Holywell.... carrying all the cleared trash we have gathered back towards the bins! The afternoons activities will include a major beach clean all around the Holywell area as far as people wish to go... and for those who are confident on the rocks.... BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement volunteers will be clambering all over the large granite 'sea defence' boulders near the holy well.... cutting free as many of the ropes and ghost nets... nylon lines and rubber strips from lobster pots and any other plastic and synthetic materials that are trapped there.... non slip shoes and sharp serrated edged knives are the order of the day for this difficult work in a challenging location so if this appeals to you... we will be on the rocks all afternoon removing hundreds of kilos of these materials.... all this environmental effort is purely voluntary and carried out entirely from your own risk assessment.... it is suggested that people work together in pairs or small groups and support eachother .... especially on the boulders..... there will also be plenty of materials to remove from the broken down groynes beyond the holy well for those who wish to cut them free... the best time to get to these would be between 10.ooam and 12.oo noon when the tide will be fully out.... this bhass_explore project Extreme Coastal Clearance event is organised to coincide with the Plastic Free Eastbourne Spring Water Festival closing ceremony at the holy well that afternoon at 3.oopm and so would be a great opportunity to support that as well..... you can find out more about this week long festival and the closing ceremony on the Plastic Free Eastbourne Facebook page so please consider supporting this annual celebration of our beautiful environment.... the remainder of the BHASSEXPLORE collectives day will be spent near the end of the prom.... on the grassy area near the chalets.... sorting through all the gathered marine debris into recyclable materials and those that can be reused and repurposed... if any environmental artists and creatives wish to repurpose any of the objects into art... please come and join us.... or if any photographers wish to document our activities and efforts... please attend at any stage of the day.... all are welcome to help in any capacity..... families are especially welcome.... as are groups and friends! We will remain till after sunset to celebrate our days efforts and celebrate our beautiful environment! Thank you for reading all this! Please share this message with any groups or individuals who share our concerns about the environment..... all are welcome to join us and TOGETHER we can all make a difference... please consider visiting our website.... bhassexplore.com or our BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page to find out more about our environmental work on this six mile stretch of coastline between Eastbourne and Cuckmere Haven and our efforts further afield... sorry for any typos! All we need is good weather and a good turn out of great people with positive energy and we will have an magnificent day! Thank you! Anyone can attend and help at any time throughout the day! See you there! Let's leave this place a cleaner place!

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