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Brighton Marina to Ovingdean - 16th & 17th October

What: Extreme plastic clearing weekend

Where: Coastal granite boulders between Brighton Marina and Ovingdean (will post exact meet point on event page)

When: Saturday/Sunday 16/17th October

We plan be get to work once the tide goes out so anytime from 10am onwards on both days until the tide comes back in.

Nimble people required to help with the difficult task of removing tonnes of decaying synthetic materials from the granite boulder sea defences that run between Brighton marina and Ovingdean beneath the under cliff walk! Our previous monthly weekend clear ups have resulted in the removal of well over half a tonne of ghost netting and ropes, rubber strips and other plastic objects that have become trapped all along this 2km stretch of coastline over the past three decades!

It is estimated that there is over three tonnes more of these harmful materials along this coastline and BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement are looking for help with their removal...it is difficult and challenging work in a tough location...the tide will be going out all day from 9.00am Saturday and 10.00am Sunday that weekend and so good access to the boulders will help with this task! WarmNorm will set up base camp on the first slipway ramp east of the marina and will be present all day.

So if your up for a challenge/feel confident on these boulders then please come and help! We work in small groups and pairs in order to keep an eye on and support eachother whilst on the rocks. If you have any old serrated knives, hacksaws or cutters, please bring anything that will help cut through harsh plastics/netting etc.

We also appreciate supporting helpers to carry the salvaged materials to our collection point on the slipway/ramp to be made ready for collection and transportation for recycling.

All are welcome to come and say hello and get involved with any of our activities along the amazing, mostly wild and untamed coastline between Brighton and Eastbourne...please visit bhassexplore.com or our BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page or @bhass_explore and @warm_norm on Instagram to find out more about our efforts to permanently remove tonnes of plastic and synthetic materials from the marine environment and hopefully inspire others to do the same! Thank you... please share this message!

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