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Brighton Marina to Ovingdean Extreme Coastal Clear Up! 13th & 14th Nov

Come and join bhassexplore.com and the #greensockmovement on this.... our 4th visit to this 2km stretch of #coastline between #brightonmarina and #ovingdean renowned for its chalk cliffs and #undercliffwalk ,granite sea defence boulders and shingle beaches..... but did you realise that there is approximately 4 tonnes of plastic trash and synthetic material trapped on these rocks that used to be a Norwegian mountainside? In the 3 decades plus since this section of the #brighton#undercliff was redeveloped, more and more nasty harmful fishing industry equipment and shipping debris has been getting entangled and then slowly breaking down into smaller pieces upon these #boulders ..... green sock movement volunteers and a team from the Beachy Head and Seven Sisters Extreme Plastic Objects Removal environmental collective project have already removed a tonne of this difficult to untangle and gather material.... it takes hard work with sharp serrated edged knives to free it all and more hard work to carry it all to the sorting and bagging points on the slip ways.... there is enough work for fifty people or more.... the tide will be going out all day from early morning so come and say hello and get stuck in at anytime over the weekend... work in pairs or small groups and help to permanently remove yet more tonnes of these synthetic objects from your coastline! Artists and other people are welcome to come and repurpose any of these materials and photographers can document our work..... or just come and say hello and give the green socks some support! Please share this message and environmental event with any groups or individuals and organisations or local press to help us get more local people involved! Let's hope for good weather and a great turnout.... let's all clean up all this mess TOGETHER !!! Thank you for all and any support... please visit bhassexplore.com or our Facebook page for more information and to see what else BHASSEXPLORE does.... scroll through our grids on here at @bhass_explore and @warm_norm ... and share! many thanks .... see you on the #rocks !!!

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