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Cuckmere Clean up weekend 7th and 8th November

W..w...w....wurds! After a 48 hour cuckmere haven camp out with Oceana and an amazing clear up of approx 300 kilo of pure trash from this beautiful river estuary and wild life habitat at the far western end of the original six mile coastal range from holywell to the eastern banks of this river.....

WarmNorm has concluded that with good people with positive energy we can achieve so much.... but there is so much more to do ....and that the multi agencies involved in managing these regions need to pull their green socks up and do more than they already do to reconsider their approach to helping those who care for the environment to be able to garher and leave their hauls for collection in bins and dog poo bins and a skip near the coast for larger finds brought in by the sea and to provide some toilets for the multitude of visitors and.... TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES for the shameful state of this estuary that is absolutely covered in plastic trash of all ages and sizes and descriptions and states of decay..... its time to rethink its no bins policy and minimal dog poo bag hidden bin MADNESS and instead provide facilities for all those who share our interests and concerns about the environment to place what they have or find in a regularly emptied bin or skip.... its not rocket science.... or is it! How many paid officials and operatives does it take to ignore these issues? You decide!

This amazing place is a jewel in the crown of sussex and deserves better than it has been getting..... we can agree with that hey... nothing is perfect but nature.... lets all learn from it and try to respect it.... get the toilets opened.... put some obvious litter bins in the car parks and gate areas.... put some dog poo bins around the place for those who WOULD USE THEM if they could find them.... doh! and put a skip near the beach to allow people to help clear the coastline of the shameful harvest of fishing industry and general plastic trash and synthetic materials that wash in by the load twice every day..... if you endorse this message... written from a damp, found tent on a dark dank beautiful november monday morning by a tired but happy WarmNorm.... then please share it and forward it to all concerned and lets all pull our green socks up and help reverse this disgraceful tide of plastic ... TOGETHER!

Many thanks.... please visit bhassexplore.com to find out more.... we are trying our best.... love to one and all.... peace!

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