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Cuckmere Haven - Equinox Coastal Clearance - 24th & 25th Sep

Join us at the beautiful Cuckmere Haven river estuary at any time over the weekend for another BHASSEXPLORE project #greensockmovement Extreme Coastal Clearance Weekend.... and help us remove hundreds of kilos of nasty, harmful, plastic and synthetic materials from this important wildlife habitat.... we will be down at the sea end of the eastuary all weekend, clearing ropes and netting and all manner of plastic objects and trash from the exposed mud flats and flood plains, all over this beautiful location and also clearing marine debris from the shingle banks and beaches and all along beneath the cliffs of the Seven Sisters.... join us at any time this Autumn Equinox and celebrate all nature has to offer .... bring a picnic and enjoy the change of the seasons whilst clearing up trash and getting some fresh sea air and stretching your legs! Please share this message with others who share our concerns about the environment.... all welcome all weekend! Thank you! For a more challenging location than Cuckmere.... please see our Splash Point Extreme Coastal Clearance event next weekend! Thank you!

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