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Cuckmere Haven Estuary coastal cleanup - Sun 8th Oct - 8am - 6pm

Please Join us at the next Green Sock Movement Cuckmere Haven Extreme River Estuary and Extreme Beach Clean and Wildlife Habitat Clear Up this Super Sunny Sunday the 8th of October.... our first Autumnal Clear Up of the season... but not our last! We will be on the Eastern, Seven Sisters Country Park, side of the estuary all day from before 8.ooam until 6.oopm on what is forecast to be a beautiful Sunny ☀Sunday, and we will be Spending all day clearing up plastic trash, marine debris and other junk from all the river banks and flood plains... from all the exposed mudflats and vegetated areas of this beautiful river estuary and important wildlife habitat... and from the adjacent beaches and coastline ... there is so much plastic and synthetic material all over this Jewel of the East Sussex Countryside Crown and we will continue to remove as much of it all as possible to prevent it doing harm to the thousands of birds and all the wildlife that we share this beautiful place with... from the most tiny fragments of plastic, nurdles, pieces of string, sanitary products, plastic bags, bottles, food packaging, containers.... right up to tyres, ropes, ghost nets and all manner of fishing industry equipment and general shipping debris that washes into the estuary with every tide and down the river with every flood... along with dropped litter and the horrible flung dog poo bags in the bushes.... it all needs picking up, bagging and removing.... so please bring a strong gathering bag and a picnic and plenty of water and positive energy... and join us for a morning... or an

afternoon.... or all day... and let's see how much plastic trash and marine debris we can remove in one day.... the Green Sock Movement volunteers have already taken well over 10 tonnes of plastic trash and marine debris from this magnificent location in the past 3 years... and yet there is so much more to do...

For those who enjoy a good old fashioned Beach Clean.... the tide is going out all day from early morning and coming back in slowly through the afternoon, so it is a fantastic opportunity to get out along the coast towards Birling Gap to clean this incredible coastline beneath the cliffs of the Seven Sisters, of all the marine debris that washes up along its length.... please take great care on the shingle beaches and slippery chalk seabed and head back toward Cuckmere Haven well before the early evening high tide with all your gathered trash.... we will be in our usual central collection point just back from the shingle banks near the river mouth... all are welcome all day, at any time... come and say hello, and join a fantastic group of environmentally conscious individuals... get your (Green) socks on and help us make a massive difference for this special place.... please share this message about the Mess Age with others who share our concerns about the environment... more details about this environmental project and our activities can be found on all our social media pages and you can see how we make rubbish interesting by visiting our #greensockmovement Tiktok account and Green Sock Movement Rubbish Gallery! I think l've covered everything.... sorry it was so long... bring some friends and some positive energy and join us for a great day on Cuckmere Haven and the adjacent coastline... all the best from WarmNorm and us all at and the Green Sock Movement 💚 hopefully we will see you on the day!

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