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Cuckmere Haven - Extreme Beach Clean - June 10th & 11th - 8am - 6pm

JOINAHAPPYCREW and become part of an ENVIRONMENTALGOODNEWSSTORY clearing up many many tonnes of nasty harmful plastic trash and marine debris, synthetic materials and other junk from our beautiful coastline and river estuary at Cuckmere Haven... or join us in the GREENSOCKMOVEMENT#greensockmovement at any of our regular Wildlife Habitat clear ups and Extreme Coastal Clearance events... all are welcome at anytime to help remove as much plastic trash as possible from these beautiful locations that we share with all living things... So join us if you can on Saturday 10th June on the eastern side of the estuary and help clean all the plastic materials from along the river banks and meanders that should not be there and along the coastal shingle banks and out beneath the cliffs towards Birling Gap... low tide is around 11.ooam and so the whole coastscape will be accessible so please take care on the tricky and sometimes slippery terrain... and underneath the cliffs... or just focus on the beach and flood plain areas ... and bring all you collect to the central gathering point... we will be there all day Saturday and all morning Sunday 11th June before we cross the river at low tide about midday to the Iconic Coastguard Cottages side of the estuary and continue to clear up all we find all across this tidal zone.... from micro plastics to large pieces of fishing industry debris and general shipping waste.... we amass it all for removal ahead of the incoming tide... so please join us over the weekend... the number 12 busses stop at the #sevensisterscountrypark @sevensisterscountrypark bus stops and run all day into the evenings.... bring a picnic and some friends and help us clear up this special place and nature reserve... please visit to find out more about our environmental project and activities and hopefully we will see you soon at one of our regular events... if you live further afield please consider organising your own wildlife habitat clear up or beach clean near where you live! Let's all work TOGETHER to help make this world a cleaner place! Thank you #cuckmere #cuckmerehaven #coastguardcottages @hebrideanpam posters ty

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