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Cuckmere Haven Plastic Cleanup Weekend -AUG 6th & 7th


and help make a difference to this beautiful wildlife habitat and stunningly beautiful location within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park #sdnp ... #cuckmerehaven needs our help! It is covered in millions of pieces of plastic ..... last month we cleared over 750 kilos... 500 of which were tiny pieces of nasty harmful materials that should not be in this Jewel in the Crown of a location... one we share with countless birds and other wildlife and marine life.... so please... if you have the time.... come and help and the #greensockmovement pick up as much plastic as possible from this amazing river estuary #cuckmere needs our help... as do the shingle beaches and coastline that stretch away beneath the #sevensisterscliffs either side... we will set up base camp at a central point near the sea end of this beautiful #estuary and all gathered materials can be brought there.... please share this message and BHASSEXPLORE project event with all who love Cuckmere Haven and the wider environment and attend for an hour or two... or longer if you can..... or support our efforts to remove tonnes of marine debris and synthetic materials from the environment by visiting to make a donation... and help us continue our work and to help inspire others to do the same thing wherever they live.... we are all working TOGETHER to help clear up all this mess! View our earlier posts to find out more about this remarkable environmental project and hopefully see you at one of our events soon! Thank you for your support! All the best from WarmNorm @warm_norm of and the Green Sock Movement !!!Thank you Ruth Backshall @ruthbackshallartist for our lovely poster and Pauline @pauline.aufrere for the great aerial photo of Cuckmere!

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