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Driftwood sculptures collaborative art installation

The BHASSEXPLORE collective and #greensockmovement driftwood sculptures are a collaborative art installation in the remote coastline location beneath the majestic chalk cliffs of Beachy Head in Sussex.... they are the work of Planksy aka Hug and the conceptual non mysterious non artist @nomranski ... or namronski..... you decide!

They are made from some of the tonnes of driftwood lumber that has accumulated at this marine location along with the tonnes of plastic trash and synthetic materials that wash in on the twice daily tides and the regular storms that lash this dangerously exposed and beautiful place..... whilst WarmNorm and BHASSEXPLORE BHASSEXPLORE volunteers laboured to gather and bag the shameful harvest of plastic garbage for removal.... @nomranski was dreaming of giant driftwood snails and squat driftwood pyramids! After several false starts Hug came forward to make these dreams come true and added his own twists and flavours to create this menagerie of intriguing characters to ask the questions.... what are those doing there... on the sky line..... who built them.... and.... why!! ¡¡ ??? ¿¿¿ @nomranski will provide the answers.... you decide.... please visit to find out more and share this ENVIRONMENTAL GOOD NEWS STORY far and wide! peace!

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