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GreenSockMovement Boat Removal Operation Day will take place this Thursday the 7th of September!

SPECIALANNOUNCEMENT The Next... and 6th...

💥SPECIAL💥ANNOUNCEMENT💥 The Next... and 6th... 💚Green💚Sock💚Movement💚 Boat Removal Operation Day will take place this Thursday the 7th of September! (meeting the kiosk) The Weather ☀ Gods have conspired to help us with low winds and warm weather just as an afternoon high tide combines with the availability of our collaborative partner's boat and crew and a dozen #greensockmovement volunteers can all come together as one to remove another 1.8 tonnes of marine debris from this ruggedly beautiful coastscape and important marine life habitat.... The brilliant Maritime Voluntary Service crew and their vessel... the 'East Sussex 1' are the only viable option for this logistically challenging operation and their seafaring skills and dedication to clear this coastline of plastic and synthetic materials should become legendary.... from our side... on the land.... its a long day moving and loading heavy bags over very tricky terrain as the tide reaches its peak, for ferrying out on an inflatable dinghy to the ex naval personal carrier boat .. in a stunning location! How all this gets organised is beyond me... we have about 30 plates spinning at once in a tidal zone.... but it gets done... anyone is welcome to join us and help or document the day in anyway.... either with us down beneath the cliffs or by drone and zoom lens from above... just contact me here or via our website for further details and anyone can support this remarkable environmental project with a donation via our donation facility on the website... please share our message about the Mess Age with others who share our concerns about the environment and wish us well for Thursdays operation... thank you 💚💙💛💙💚 #beachyhead #sevensisters #sevensisterscliffs #marineconservation

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