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BHASSEXPLORE continue to clear all the synthetic materials and plastic trash that is relentlessly arriving on every tide and with every storm..... the BHASSEXPLORE collective and cooperative .... alongside the green sock movement is permanently busy gathering and clearing tonnes upon tones of this shameful human made garbage from the remote and sensitive tidal zone... from this beautifully rugged coastline and trying to achieve the impossible task of harvesting so much debris from the marine environment...

Please pull on your green socks in this first ever GREENSOCKTOBER and help clear up our mess despite the staggering size of the challenge.... wherever you are in the world.... be a friend of this planet and show your results.... pictorially documented and hash tagged the #greensockmovement so people can see our efforts and start to consider using less plastics and caring about how we dispose of it.... how we can recycle and reuse it.... upcycled it and useless of these materials that are polluting every ecosystem around the world.... affecting every living thing and every stretch of water and land.... lets all pull together as a collective and change this one issue that belongs to us all and lessen the heavy load and strain we are placing on this earth...our earth.... to prevent it from being choked by plastic decaying into every nook and cranny by pulling on your green socks and showing just what environmentally conscious individuals can achieve despite the current situation and start to prepare for a cleaner plastic free planet....

Thank you.... peace be with you.... this has come from my heart.... l send it to your hearts... lets be friends of this planet..... lets be friends.... l love you all.... lets go forwards on this issue together and use it as an example of how together we can overcome any issue and meet any challenges along the way

Peace.... WarmNorm aka..... green sock norm.....

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