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Local gems litter pick - Italian Gardens & Promenade Slopes - Sun 2nd July, 10am - 4pm

Please join us for the inaugural Green Sock Movement 💚 Local GEMs 💎 Extreme Litter Pick... right here on Eastbourne's famous Promenade Slopes and Paths and the Italian Gardens and surrounding areas.... we will meet at the clothes bank bins on King Edwards Parade.... before 10.ooam and make a start clearing the slopes directly beneath them, of all the clothes and bags that have been thrown behind there... we will establish a place to stockpile all the bagged rubbish and materials and we will fan out from there... clearing up all the mess we can find on the many paths and slopes and gardens and flower beds etc that we find... the more nimble and brave volunteers will access places that have not been cleared properly for years... and others less nimble or adventurous volunteers can litter pick and assist with bagging and sorting the recyclable ♻️ materials ready for collection by the Environment First waste disposal teams... there will be plenty to do and it will be hot and dusty work so bring plenty of water and get stuck in with a great bunch of volunteers... you will be surprised at how much plastic trash and other junk we will find in such an interesting location.... and will get great satisfaction from leaving this urban wildlife habitat location much cleaner than it has been for years!

This is going to be the first of our many Local GEMs 💎 clear ups... hopefully we will inspire others all over Eastbourne to target an area near where they live and join us in our efforts to clear up all this mess from our hedges and parks.... our drainage ditches and streams... our ponds and wooded areas.... so if this interests you, and you would like to learn more... please come along and find us... all are welcome at anytime time of the day... or find out more about our environmental activities and Extreme Coastal Clearance events by visiting our website or BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page... let's all work TOGETHER across the town and out into the surrounding countryside, and all along our incredible coastline, to make a difference for the wildlife we share it all with.... form a Local GEMs 💎 group in your district a let us know of any trashed hotspots that need rescuing... join us in the Green Sock Movement 💚 and come to one of our Extreme Beach Cleans or Wildlife Habitat Clear Ups at Cuckmere Haven and in other places near Eastbourne.... please share this message about the Mess Age... and let's get organised against this tsunami of plastic and synthetic materials that are everywhere in the natural environment.... visit the @bhass_explore Instagram page to see what we can achieve as a group of environmentally conscious individuals.... let's put Eastbourne on the environmental map ! Let's work together to help make this world 🌎 a cleaner place! We are so lucky to livein such a stunningly beautiful region so let's try our best to make a difference within all its splendour! Thank 💚 you 💚 many hands make light work of a very daunting and pressing problem! Only positive energy and direct action can change this issue into an Environmental GOOD NEWS STORY!

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