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Shinewater Lake - Extreme Litter Pick - July 8th 10am - 4pm

💚Join💚Us💚 at 🧡ShineWater🧡Park🧡💛FUN💛DAY💛 at 💙ShineWater💙Lake💙 on Saturday the 8th of July for an 💚Green💚Sock💚Movement💚 Extreme Litter Pick all over the Park and all around the Lake.... we will meet at 9.30am near the skateboard 🛹 park with gathering bags and then fan out all over the Park and all around the Lake to gather any plastic trash and other junk that we find and remove it all back to the collection point near the skatepark..... at our last visit we found many shopping trolleys dumped in the drainage ditches and canals that connect to the Lake... and all manner of unwanted items and general rubbish all around the Lake that we share with all the wildlife we love so much.... we also found plenty of litter and hundreds of discarded plastic tree guards and meshing.... and we aim to remove as many of these items as possible from this urban wildlife habitat and great recreational space... so join us at any time throughout the day and become part of the Local GEMs 💎 initiative and help make a difference in this lovely location.... the Green Sock Movement 💚 volunteers get out regularly in many challenging locations and always welcome environmentally conscious individuals to join us at any of our Extreme Coastal Clearance events or Wildlife Habitat Clear Ups so please check out our social media accounts and see what appeals to you... we accept all kinds of help from litter picking to Internet Ambassadors and tech assistance to full on Extreme environmental activities and all points in between.... there is always plenty to do.... we also accept donations of strong gathering bags and tonne bags and protective clothing and other equipment and donations to our fund can be made via the website donations button.... all money goes towards organising even more Extreme Beach Cleans and Wildlife Habitat clear ups and towards inspiring others to organise their own Litter Picking Picnics and Beach Cleans near where they live... by all working TOGETHER we can make a difference for our 🌎 planet we call home... so join us or support us if you can at any of our environmental events and share this message about the Mess Age...... join the Green Sock Movement 💚 today and consider becoming a Local GEMs 💎 group... please take care around the waters edge and along the coast.... we are here to support and help you with any issues and questions... let's all work TOGETHER to help clear up all this mess and help leave this world 🌏 a cleaner place ! Thank 💚 you 💚

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