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Splash Point Seaford. Extreme Coastal Clearance Weekend! - 17th & 18th Sep

Summer is drawing to its end.... autumn is approaching rather rapidly.... and the BHASS_EXPLORE project Green Sock Movement Extreme Coastal Clearance events continue.... come and help us if you can.... in any capacity..... as we attempt to remove over a tonne of marine debris from this beautiful yet challenging location at Splash Point in Seaford.... there are many plastic ropes and nets and nylon lines trapped and entangled on this section of our coastline..... as well as all manner of other synthetic materials and objects that should not be in our seas.... so come and help us permanently remove as many of these materials as possible from the rocks and 'sea defence' boulders and broken down groynes over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of September.... we will be there from 7.ooam both days .... as the tide goes out.... cutting free the decaying ropes and netting.... bagging it all.... and physically lifting it up to the promenade level.... where a display of just what is in our seas will be developed .... come and help create a monster from these collected synthetic materials or help with sorting them into recyclable categories.... and if you feel confident enough to work as part of a team on the rocks and concrete blocks.... help us cut free as much plastic and synthetic material as possible.... we work as a team entirely at our own risk... using sharp serrated edged knives.... in the places that are very challenging to clear.... please visit our website or BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page to see our previous Extreme Coastal Clearance efforts.... in the past two and a half years the BHASS_EXPLORE #greensockmovement volunteers have already removed approximately 30 tonnes of marine debris from beneath the cliffs between Eastbourne and Brighton.... and the work continues this month.... this one tonne challenge is achievable if we have reasonable weather and a great turnout of good people with positive energy.... environmentally conscious individuals who can work together as a team... let's all continue to work together to make a difference on our incredible coastline here in East Sussex and hopefully inspire others to do the same thing in their regions wherever they live.... it is going to be hard work.... it is a challenging location to work..... every care must be taken and we must support each other as we work in pairs or groups.... kayakers and paddle boarders can get involved too.... there are plenty of plastic and synthetic objects that need gathering and bringing back all along this coastline between Splash Point and Cuckmere Haven.... so if that's your thing.... please consider joining us over the weekend.... or come and document our work photographically.... or just come and say hello.... all are welcome all weekend.... we ask everyone to take great care and respect the difficult conditions this tidal location presents us with.... by working methodically as a team we can safely remove over a tonne of marine debris in one weekend and have fun whilst doing so.... it is so rewarding to see these materials removed from our ruggedly beautiful coastscapes and thus preventing future harm to the birds and the marine life that we share our coastlines with.... so if any of this appeals to you.... please share the details of this event with others.... and hopefully we will see you there at some time over the weekend... optimum times will be in the morning and early afternoon on both days as the tide will be out! Thank you! For those who prefer a less challenging location .... we will be at Cuckmere Haven the following weekend.... as we continue our efforts to remove tonnes of plastic and synthetic materials from this beautiful river estuary.... please visit our website or BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page for more details about this and how you can get involved and help! Let's make September and this autumn a great season for the environment! Thank you!

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