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few more wurds from WarmNorm.... it was with great pleasure that l set out at first light on sunday morning to walk from my little flat by eastbourne pier along the prom toward the untamed masterpiece of a coastline that stretches away from the holywell end of my new home town... l had spent saturday afternoon in the crescent shaped large pebble and chalk boulder strewn cove directly opposite the iconic red and white edison lighthouse that draws so many to this place... z chance of an Instagram selfie like a magnet to a nail. .. it is my hope that all who venture there do so safely.... aware of the razor sharp flints in the slippery chalk rocks, the trip hazards that festoon every square metre of the tricky terrain and of course.... the twice daily incoming of the tides and the ever changing weather patterns.... good footwear and clothing are essential for a foray into this majestically rugged region as are plenty of water and high energy snacks.... dehydration and fatigue will take their toll otherwise as will a lack of concentration and focus..... any necessity to call on the coastguards must be avoided....

And so... on WarmNorms walk in along the prom... a few late night lingerers remain and a few early morning exercisers are out... a seal is swimming in the same direction at roughly the same pace and is good company for fifteen minutes or so before disappearing below the surface, probably in search of breakfast, and severul gulls fly the other way... into town... to get the tastier morsals from last nights spills and left overs... what a great way to start a Sunday.... and its not even 6.oo am.... next its up and over the hills via the kiosk at the start... or finish... of the south downs way ... WarmNorm loves this bit of the walk atop the chalk ripple that is now returning ever faster, full circle, into the sea... where the chalk first formed... roughly a 100 million years ago beneath shallow tropical waters much nearer the equator than where it sits now.... move by almost unimaginable forces to buckle up under immense pressures as continents collided and mountain ranges formed... a refreshing stroll over these lush contours is always an enjoyable interlude on the way to cow gap... where the beach crunching and rock over stepping begin in earnest... an abundance of ripe juicy blackberries mean there is no need to drink water and their sugars fuel norm on his jolly way... a small rave occupies a far corner of the football pitched hollow and a solitary golfer chips away happily in another ... good tosee all sorts of people enjoying themselves and l resist the temptation of a dance or a swing... tide and time wait for no man.... or woman... and the tide is coming in... at least two hours... and preferably three, should be allowed before high tide, for safe access to the lighthouse and the beaches there of.... to avoid getting cut off, or wet feet, or the necessity to climb chalk... never advisable... even for the most nimble... chalk is for writing on a blackboard with... not climbing... but there is time, just for a cheery hello and a coffee with the campers at cow gap that norm had encountered on his exit from the zone the previous evening... a great bunch of lads... well equipped for their weekends adventure with kayaks and all they needed to enjoy themselves for 24 hours by the camp fire by the sea...

After being well received... its up and off for the last kilometre to the clearance site of phase two of the BHASSEXPLORE three year project to remove tonnes of decaying rotting synthetic materials and plastic trash as possible from the six mile coastline beneath the cliffs between holywell and cuckmere haven.... its at this point all signal is lost... the phone switches to french time and there are no more reminders of 21st century embellishments as the going gets more and more rugged and norm walks back in time.. carrying all he needs for the day... there is no fresh water, nor shops nor money... in the zone.. just beauty and nature and unharnessed energies that flow all around this incredible place.. enegies that flow through time and space and are abundant and powerful.... free to all those who wish to bathe in them... a couple of friendly paddle boarding locals call hello from 20m out.. afloat on the gentle seas... a joke is exchanged and encouraging words.... surely now WarmNorm is alone... and yet in the distance.... on the platform of the lighthouse, a group can be seen enjoying the waters depth by diving and jumping and swimming around its base... more early morning revellers out for some fun on their boards... and its only 7.30am.... fantastic to see... people out of doors and away from the towns... fully enjoying the best this world has to offer... freedom and fresh air... warmth and sunlight... albeit a little murky this morning... a chance to put the present day considerations to one side and let your hair down in a natural environment.... a chance to be real.... for a few hours at least in these bizarre and surreal times...

WarmNorm has reached his destination as ha crunches onto the cove and the group of paddle boarders appear to flea his grisly approach as the scatter to the far side of the cliff fall... away from the lighthouse to the pristine beach that stretches away towards birling gap.... undeterred by their flight...WarmNorm ventures on around the cream coloured rocks and onto this beach... a place he considers home since the four months he has been working with BHASSEXPLORE to clear the shameful forty plus year build up of human made garbage from this amazing region alongside a collective of environmentally conscious individuals who share his concerns about the environment.... undeterred he now crunches on .... up to the dozen or so wet suited explorers who now breakfast before him on the beach ... immediately an offer of coffee and food comes forth... and smiles and warm greetings too... this is what its all about.... people recognise norm from his semi celebrity status on social media and in the local press for his efforts to clear the debris ... and within minutes a strong bond and pledges to help have been formed... yet another small community of friends have climbed onboard with BHASSEXPLORE to make a difference to this local issue... one that belongs to us all in some way or another... an issue that goes much further into the marine environment and questions our reliance on plastics and the nature of our throw away society and what all this means for the future... for hundreds of years after you or l am gone.... people are getting onboard with BHASSEXPLORE to show what a collective cooperative foundation can do... can achieve with any issue.... no matter how difficult it seems.... how arduous a task... in the face of all adversity and negative energies.... people are waking up to the possibility that good people with focused positive energy and good will and determination can change things for the better by pooling their skills and abilities to give freely their time to tackle any issue that affects their community..

Please spread this good news story and ask people to look at bhassexplore.com for a bigger picture and some inspirational vids.... many thanks and peace from a very happy WarmNorm in his little cove by the sea.... speak soon.... phase two continues unabated thanks to sterling work by Kay and Steve and Jelly and continued wide ranging support from our wider group of friends... with this spirit we go forward and we hope to remove another tonne of synthetic materials by sea by the end of the month.... you support is invaluable..... thank you all

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