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Tiny little footprints

Life can be, and often is, measured by the size of the carbon footprint generated by ones activities... but WarmNorm prefers to think of life as thousands upon thousands of tiny carbon footsteps and with some major boot prints every now and then... no matter how conscientiously we lead our lives, we are all part of a madder, bigger picture of resource using, garbage producing 21st century living... its inescapable really and quite distressing to many many people.... it certainly is to WarmNorm.... who is equally entangled in this swirling melange of plastics and synthetics that form such a large part of our throw away economy....

BHASSEXPLORE has been formed to attempt to clear up as much of this humanmade waste material as possible from an iconic six mile stretch of coastline underneath the majestic chalk cliffs between holywell and cuckmere haven... a remote and rugged, beautiful tidal region where a shameful forty year plus build up of artificial materials have been deposited, brought in by tides and storms to get trapped and entangled on the rocks and left high and dry on the shingle beaches or in the less accessible nooks and crannies of this incredible and sensitive marine environment.... no one has been able to tackle this problem before BHASSEXPLORE decided to take on the difficult challenge of removing at least 80% of the tonnes of rubbish down there over the next three years... to capture any new deposits as they come in and prevent further build up of this embarrassing garbage ever occurring again and it re entering the sea and oceans....

BHASSEXPLORE also hopes to develop a network of like minded individuals into a collective... a cooperative and a foundation that will continue with this work long into the future and therefore protect this area for many hundreds of years...long after we are all gone...

BHASSEXPLORE is also developing a website... bhassexplore.com ... as a free to use resource to highlight all the amazing aspects of this unique area and the safe enjoyment and enquiry of all it has to offer... bid ambitions for a fledgling organisation only conceived three months ago... and yet already there is a great team of people and supporters growing in numbers every day and bringing a myriad of skills and abilities, knowledge and positive energy to this project... thanks to all this help, one tonne of tiny plastic and sythetic materials have been removed from the beaches and rocks around Cow Gap and a further two tonnes is bagged and almost ready to go for its final trip.... away from the sea and coast... to a municiple waste disposal centre...

BHASSEXPLORE always tries to repurpose, reuse and recycle or up cycle what it can and is attempting to initiate art from trash projects and environmental art installations and musical and video productions to showcase its and other members of this collectives skills... we aim to keep it as creative and interesting as possible under the directorship of our conceptual non artist and free thinker... the non mysterious namronski ... please contact WarmNorm and/or namronski via the gmail account on the bhassexplore.com website if you wish to discuss becoming part of a collaboration within the collective.... and please consider donating if you wish to erase one or two of those tiny footsteps.... or a boot print... many thanks and... peace

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