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Work with BHASSEXPLORE this weekend

Phase three of the BHASSEXPLORE three year project to remove tonnes of decaying synthetic materials from beneath the chalk cliffs between holywell and cuckmere haven continues unabated.... the mission is to remove as many entangled ropes and nets and rubber strips as possible from the beautifully rugged coastline east of the iconic lighthouse .....

Getting along there whenever the tides and weather conditions allow us to safely access the rocks and shingle beaches that proliferate this incredibly unique and place and remove them to cows gap so they can be carried up the steps for collection by the environment first team that deals with all the human waste and garbage issues in the eastbourne area....

Come along and join BHASSEXPLORE this weekend of the 19th and 20th of september.. as the equinox approaches... to help with this crucial and environmentally important tasks.... walk in from the kiosk at the foot of the south downs at 8.00am... ahead of the incoming tide..... bring water and snacks and good energy and stout shoes......

Lets work together to rid our coastline of this humanmade plastic scourge..... peace..... WarmNorm

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