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Friston Forest Spring Clean! 11th-12th March

All are welcome All weekend at any time... the Forest is just coming to life again after its winters rest... and the #greensockmovement volunteers will be out in force to finish the job we have started... to rid this roadside woodland of as much plastic and synthetic material as possible and to remove all this junk from this beautiful location and important wildlife habitat whilst we can ... please see our previous posts to see how we have already removed approximately 4 tonnes of garbage on our two previous visits... it's hard work but so rewarding to tackle the 25m wide stip of woods that is so heavily polluted by decades of accumulated rubbish..... those who wish to brave the busy roadside wear high viz vests and work in a visible team whilst others work inside the woods themselves... and we all take our collected trash to a collection point to await removal.... on the Saturday we will be working both sides of Gayles Farm bus stop and the collection point will be west of the bus stop in the muddy lay-by.... large tonne bags will be located there to empty your strong gathering bags full of trash into... we will be working east to west along this section all day so come and find us... please take great care on this busy road and work together to make a difference in this beautiful location.... on the Sunday our focus will move further west and we will tackle the long stretch all the way down to the valley floor .... our collection point for this section will be located at the tarmac surfaced forestry service road... so all gathered rubbish should be brought there to be placed in the tonne bags... there is absolutely sacksfuls of rubbish all along this long section both roadside and in the woods... so many hands will make light work of this awful mess... let's all work TOGETHER to clear it all up! Please share this post with others who share our concerns about the environment and join us if you can or organise your own wildlife habitat clear up near where you live... many thanks... Spring is Here!

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