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Wow what a month green sock October turned out to be! So much so that it all seems a swirl... which is good.... if you like swirls.... which l do... !

So with so much fantastic support from everyone involved with the BHASSEXPLORE project and the #greensockmovement on every level we managed to have a lovely and productive socially distanced litter pick picnic weekend at cows gap and all around the densely thicketted hillsides above the football pitches.... loads of volunteers worked hard to gather plenty of plastic trash and old bottles etc and have a lot of FUN whilst doing so..... we will definitely be returning for another picnic event next year.... as we all know... everything will end up in the sea eventually and so this action has prevented approximately 6oo kilo going that way.... thank you everyone for all the support both in front of and behind the scenes....

Phase three of the ongoing project continued unabated to gather fresh deposits all along the shingle beaches from holywell to the lighthouse as well as cutting the entangled ropes and ghost nets and rubber strips that proliferate all along the coast and seroiusly require removing.....

Then we moved onto our very damp and rainy 'under the pier ' event that involved Oceana the BHASSEXPLORE collective mermaid and several volunteers getting very wet as we cut yet more nylon lines and nets and ropes from under the pier as the tide receded and had a good interaction with the public who braved the heavy showers and ventured along the prom... pamela jane paul kyle sonny george marketa and of course.... Oceana all played their part in this interesting day.... thank you to you all and to leo for supplying a ladder and all the public who called by!

And still the activities continued into November! where we had a great weekend at cuckmere haven collecting up to 3oo kilo of decaying plastic trash and unsavory dog poo bsgs and human toiletry reamains while we questioned several agencies and authorities why..... 1.... the toilets are closed at such a busy popular location .... 2..... why there are no litter bins at all, anywhwere, inexplicably, to be seen at all at the estuary or the car parks.... resulting in untold littering.... 3 ......why the only dog poo bin is hidden through a gate and over a swamp behind some bushes 30m from the exit to the car park and there are no others..... anywhere! ... and ..... 4...... why a skip can not be placed near the beach to allow people to gather the daily harvests of shameful plastic flotsam and jetsom that blights the marine environment again and again as it moves west to east along the coastline.... and! .....5!..... why there are so many smaller fragments of plastic... everywhere..... all over this amazing estuary landscape..... answers on a postcard please.... please share this message and please consider how we can a help BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement continue its efforts to remove tonnes of plastic trash and synthetic materials from our beautiful coastline...

many thanks and all the best.... watch this space and visit our social media sites for updates.... keep safe.... with love and peace from..... WarmNorm

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