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ONE TONNE Marine Debris Removal Challenge! 23rd/24th July Brighton Marina to Ovingdean

Who can help us remove over ONE TONNE of marine debris from this interesting stretch of coastline in just one weekend??? Skills required range from rock climbing and potholing to rope and netting cutting and untangling, objects being prised out from between boulders, carrying heavy loads, teamwork and dedication, sorting materials into recyclable categories... and filming, documenting our work and ghe objects and materials we find trapped on the 'sea defence' boulders.... trapped in the tidal zone beneath the cliffs and the undercliff walk between Brighton marina and Ovingdean.... trapped in the sea and breaking down slowly... causing harm to marine birds and marine life as they re-enter the marine environment.... re-enter the oceans....

Over the past year the BHASS_EXPLORE project #greensockmovement volunteers have already removed 5 tonnes of plastic and synthetic materials from this interesting 2km stretch of coastline... and on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July we aim to remove another tonne... or more.... in just one weekend !!! It is hard work... it is difficult... it requires people equipped with sharp serrated edged knives and hack saws and crowbars to clamber over and in-between large granite boulders as the tied goes out and cut free decades old, decaying, debris from difficult to get to and challenging locations.... that's why it's called Extreme Coastal Clearance... so if you are up for this challenge and like working as an individual... but in a team... and you want to make a difference for the marine environment... or if you can carry the fried materials to the collection point on the 2nd ramp east of the marina.... or if you can sort materials into separate categories for recycling and repurposing.... or you can photographically document our work and the materials that we find... or if you are an artist who can get creative with some of this marine trash... then please come and join us for a day ... or a few hours... and help us reach our target of removing over one tonne of marine debris.... in one weekend! The tides are with us and will be going out from 7.40 on Saturday and 8.50 on Sunday and they will be going out... all day... its a neap tide to... so a weak 5 meter tide on both days ... so all we need I'd fair weather and a great turnout of good people with positive energy... and our goals will be easily achieved! These nasty harmful materials have been building up on this coastline for the past 4 decades and need removing now!!! Please share our poster and this message with any groups or individuals who may wish to attend and help with this challenge.... and please share it with any media outlets who may wish to cover this environmental good news story and help us showcase just what is in our seas and on our coastlines.... many thanks for caring and sharing this message! It is part of the Green Sock Movement Summer of Love for Our Planet initiative... to find out more about this remarkable environmental project please either visit our website or the BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page.... many thanks!

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