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Cuckmere Haven and Friston Forest now in the hands of the South Downs Park Authority

Cuckmere Haven and Friston Forest have been handed over to the south downs park authority by east sussex county council and many good things concerning the management and stewardship of these beautiful locations are in the pipeline..... litter bins.... recycling bins.... dog poo bins!!!

Also the availability of litter pickers and bags for the visitors who wish to help keep this incredible estuary and woodland clean! But all these things will take time to go through '!planning' and no doubt.... several committee meetings etc! The new team that will permanently be on hand are an optimistic and enthusiastic bunch so here's to the future ..... meanwhile.... BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement will continue to hold its monthly weekend litter picks at this jewel in the crown of a place! We have removed over a tonne and a half of plastic trash and synthetic materials permanently from this important wildlife habitat over the last eight months and will continue to give the new stewards of our downland countryside a helping hand and great head start to their tenure as guardians of this special place by trying to remove as many plastic objects as possible... from the many millions of tiny pieces and micro beads and nurdles that accumulate all along the river banks... to really large objects that are washed in regularly onto the shingle beaches and beneath the cliffs.... including ghost netting and ropes etc etc etc... if it is human made and floats it can be found on our beautiful coastline.... so.... let's all celebrate August and a late summer and nature and a fresh beginning for this special place by all getting down there when we can and helping the south downs national park authority keeping this place as pristine and free from trash as it deserves! Breaking news.... the public toilets will now be open... to the public! Yay! If you feel that bins and dog poo bins are a good idea.... the sooner the better in my opinion.... then please contact the 'authorities' and ask them to put in some temporary wheelie bin types of bins till all the planning and committee meetings are over! A few bins will seriously reduce the amount of garbage... and dog poops in a bag .... on this estuary and in the woods! I have the managers email address for any who require it or go on their website to make your feelings known! I will be at cuckmere all weekend on the 21st and 22nd so let's celebrate the environment TOGETHER! Hopefully see you there for an hour or two! Peace!

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